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英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第一篇

I have a big family. There are six people in my family. They are my grandparents, my parents, my sister and I. Though my grandparents and my parents are in different generation, they respect each other's lifestyle, so I barely see them have conflicts. I feel so lucky to live in a harmonious environment. Today, the TV shows always present the negative relationship between different generations, but it is not happening in my family. I learn to respect each other. My parents set the good example for me. So sometimes when my sister and I have argument, I won't shout at her. When we calm down, we can talk to each other peacefully. I love my family.

英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第二篇

My Family I have a happy family. There are my father, my mother, my brother and I. My father works a long way from home. And my mother is a housewife. My brother is a student who studies in the school. In a word, my family is full of happiness.

2I have a very happy are four people in my family--my parents ,my younger brother and fathther is working in another city,so he is always very a famous saying goes :xxx There is always an able woman behind a successful man .xxx,my mother is a can cook very dilicious food and she is often busy with some and I help her tidy the house,but of course,we couldn't tidy as clean as her. I love my parents as well as my hope we can be happy forever!

3My Family Hello,everyone! Today I'm very glad to tell you about my family. I have a happy family. There are four people in it. They are my father、my mother、my little brother、and father is working in anther is so busy that he has no time to come back to see us. We miss him very much. My mother is a housewife .Every day,she cooks delicious meals and does a lot of brother and I are both work very hard. In my family ,there are lots of happinesses around love my family!

英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第三篇

I have a very happy are four people in my family--my parents ,my younger brother and fathther is working in another city,so he is always very a famous saying goes :xxx There is always an able woman behind a successful man .xxxmy mother is a can cook very dilicious food and she is often busy with some and I help her tidy the house,but of course,we couldn't tidy as clean as her.

I love my parents as well as my hope we can be happy forever!



英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第四篇

I have a happy family. There are three people in my family. My father, my mother and my father are businessmen.

He is always busy with his work. He often goes on business. But when he is free, he will stay with us.

My mother is a worker. She works hard, and she takes care of our home. I love my parents.



英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第五篇

There are four people in my family . They are my father , mother , younger brother and me .

My father is thller than my mother . He is the oldest person of the family.

My mother has the longest hair in my family. She makes the food and clean the house every day . She also helps us in studying.

My brother is the youngest one in my family . He is only 7 years old . He is in grade 2 .

I love my family.

英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第六篇

I love my family,because I have a happy family.

My father is an English name is is likes playing ’s my mother jop?Is she a teacher?Yes,you’re right!My mother is very kind and nice,she is mother is always laborious love my parents!

On Staurday and Sunday,I often go to the library and play the piano,My father go to play watch TV and listen to music at home.

I love my I’m very happy to live with my parents together!

英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第七篇

In my family, my mother is the xxxeldestxxx and xxxthe secondxxx. My father is naturally an xxxoldxxx ee5aeb. My family is very funny.

Don't believe it. Look down: the family today is Saturday, and the whole family is going to have a rest. I don't know why.

xxxThe bossxxx suddenly said, xxxpay attention, look right and look forward.xxx xxxthe secondxxx cooks for me, and the xxxbossxxx sweeps and mops the floor for me So we pretended to be the xxxsecondxxx to buy vegetables. I was sweeping the floor, while the xxxbossxxx was lying on the bed, watching TV leisurely. xxxThe little brother came back and cooked.xxx he said, xxxwhat's the matter with the boss today? We have our own housework.xxx he said to me: xxxI knew I would not have it.xxx.



英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第八篇

This is my family photo. My family has ten members.

Look, this is my mom. She has long hair and big eyes. She's quiet. She is a super teacher. He’s my dad. He likes computer games. He has small eyes, big ears and short hair. He’s a doctor. My aunt is a nurse, she has curly hair. She’s a good nurse. This is my uncle. He’s a great public servant. He likes reading books. My brother and sister are pupils, they like music. They are my grandpa and grandma , they look young. They are farmers. This is me, have long hair and big eyes. I like sports. I’m going to be a Chinese teacher.

This is my big family. But that’s only nine? Ha! Ha! And a small teddy bear!

英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第九篇

This is myfamily. There are three people in my family, my father,my motherand me.

My mother is a 's thin and 's36 years 's 165 cm is is strict, but she's very goes to work summer best,because she can wearherbeautiful dress. Her birthday is inJanuary.

My fatheris an officer,he works in usuallygoestowork by is 4 yearsolderthanmy 's 4kgheavier than my mom, likes fall best,becausefall is golden and inFebruary.

Iama student. I'm 12. I'm thin and 'm 147 cm tall. My mom is 18cm taller than me. I'm only 30kg. I likesummer, I can eat icecream,swim in theswimming pool and enjoy the long like playingthecomputer ,playing badminton and playing PingPong is my favourite sport,too.

I have a happy family. Ilove my parents and they love me.

英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第十篇

There are three people in my family. my dad. mom and me.

My dad works in an he's busy with his work. he takes good care of me. Every day he cooks delicious and healthy food for me. My mom works in a hospital and she is a doctor. Everyone says she is a good doctor.

She works very hard. my mom looks very young. she likes reading and sports in her spare time. On and mom likes taking me to the park.

I am an nine-year-old girl. I'm not very have black hair and black 'm a good student. I think. I work hard at my lessons. I like reading and swimming. I often help my mother do housework. I'm good at cooking my parents always praise me.

My parents give me all their love my happy family.

英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第十一篇

My is a Chinese girl,I very like my home ,because it's nice. have six mother is a English teacher .she teachs 7 is a good teacher. My father is a math teacher 7 clss too. My sister is a student . she is seven years and I are firend. her favorite subject is art,my favorite subject is English and math,And you?On wekeed we go to are very happy. Then I and my family go to a movie I like thrill but my sister likes Beijing oper,I think it's boring .My parents like comdey. oh! It's funny. we like love my family!

英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第十二篇

I love my family. There are three people in my family. They are my mother, my father and I.

My mother is a housewife, she has to a lot of things in my family. She has to wash the dishes every day. She has to polish my shoes every evening. She doesn’t have time to watch TV, because she very busy.

My father is a policeman. He works in the . He likes smoke, likes watch TV too.

I’m a student. I haven’t else chores, I at once do my homework.

I love my family!






英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第十三篇

I have a happy family. My dad and mom love me so much.

there are six people in my family, my mom, my dad, my grandparents, my sister and me.

My dad is a boss. He is 39 years old. Hes tall and strong.

He is very strict, too. He likes cars. I always goes to car show when he has time. My mom is my dads assistant. She is in charge of the company. She is 34 years old. She is tall, thin and very kind. She likes going shopping and reading books.

My grandfather live with us. Hes old, short, and a little bit fat. He loves us very much. He likes listening to the Yue-Opra. My grandmother lives with us, too.

She is old, short, thin and very kind, too. She likes planting trees and flowers. My younger sister is only three years old. She isnt a student. She is very lovely. She is in Media Kindergarten. She likes watching TV. I am a student of Grade Six. I study very hard now.

I love my family. My family love me, too.

英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第十四篇

My family I have a very good family. I have four members. My father, my mother, my brother and my father are a hotel manager.

He works very hard every day. My mother is a doctor. She works hard.

The patients love her very much. My brother is a worker. He works in a factory.

He works hard. I am also a student. I study harder and harder In order to get good grades, I am a good student and I love my family.



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英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第十五篇

There are six people in my family. My hobbies are playing computer s and planting flowers. I play computer s on Saturdays and Sundays.

I water the flowers every day. I guess sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't.

My mother's hobby is reading newss. She reads newss every day. My grandfather has the same hobby, but my grandmother doesn't like it.

She likes watching TV and shopping. My uncle's hobby is collecting stamps. He has many beautiful French stamps My aunt likes to take pictures.

She can take many beautiful pictures. There are many pictures on the wall. So our home is very good.

I like our home very much. You? There are four people in our family. My parents, my troubles and my family are all very good.

I'm really glad that my brother is shy and funny. He is good at sports and volleyball, but he hates studying and has poor grades. He likes to tell jokes about him I always make fun of my friends and my family.

I always make us laugh. My father is a doctor. He works in a hospital in Sanya.

He doesn't like to watch TV, but he likes to read newss every night. My mother is a waiter. She works in a restaurant.

She has good habits. She likes to eat vegetables and drink milk every day. But I don't like milk.

It's terrible. She likes watching Beijing. She says Time opera is good for her to keep young.

It can make her relax. My family is always doing the best for me. I always stand by my side.

I love everyone in my family. I love my warm and warm home.



英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第十六篇

Hello! My name is Zhang Jiayi. I am a girl. I am 10years old. I am a student. I am in Class1, Grade 5. I study in Chang Ping Primary School. I go to school by car. There are four people in my family. They are my father, mother, brother and me. My parents are all university students. My brother is only one year old. My father likes sports. He often plays football on Sundays. My mother often does housework at home. She can cook the meals. She can wash the clothes and so on. I am helpful at home, too. I often help my mother do housework on the weekends. Oops! My brother is funny! We all like him very much. This is my family. We are very happy. What about your family?

英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第十七篇

My family is made up of five people, my parents, my grandparents and myself. My mother is a typical hard-working housewife who always does housework day and night, but unlike other aunts, at her age, she looks much younger than she is. (my father is a manager of a cross-border company, like my mother, he works hard to cultivate the family.

Many people praise me My father's achievements at the age of 18 can be regarded as a succesul man, but my father himself is not satiied with it. My grandparents said that he inherited this character from my grandfather. They would all be 60 years old.

At the end of this year, they were factory workers and retired for many years. They liked to tell me about my father and his naughty tricks when he was young. When we laughed at my father's antics, my father was always embarrassed, so it was , ordinary, but happy family and mine family.



英语家庭美德案例故事范文 第十八篇

One day, she watched TV with her huand. The actress on TV was dancing ballet. Her huand said to me, xxxwife, you are suitable for ballet.xxx Qiqi thought: my huand must think that I am in good shape, but I want to praise him and spot directly.

Then she took a deep breath and continued to ask him, xxxwhy do you say I am suitable for ballet like that?xxx In a professional tone, my huand said solemnly: xxxballet dancers can't have too much chest.xxx I almost immediately rolled down from the chair = 0 = there was a mother and daughter living in a small hut in the remote countryside. My mother was afraid of stealing at night. She always put the chain on the door and three locks.

My daughter was tired of the boring and quiet rural life like mountains and rivers. She yearned for the city and wanted to pass the radio One morning when she saw the gorgeous world that she had imagined, her daughter was pursuing an illusory dream. She left her mother.

When she was sleeping, she secretly left home and ran away. xxxMom, you don't have my daughter. As a barxxx, the world is as beautiful as she wants to be.

She unconsciously turns into a degenerate road and is unable to extricate herself from the mire Ten years after she realized her fault xxxmotherxxx, the group of grown-up daughters came back home with hurt heart and embarrassed body. When she came home late at night, weak and penetrating light, she knocked on the door gently, but suddenly an ominous twist opened the door, and the daughter was startled. xxxOK, mother never forgot to lock the doorxxx was thin and weak Mother's body twisted on the cold floor, looking like a xxxmotherxxx who fell asleep.

When she heard her daughter's voice crying, her mother opened her eyes and grabbed her daughter Yiyu's tired shoulder and cried in her mother's arms for a long time. Her daughter suddenly asked curiously, xxxMom, today, why don't you lock the door, how can someone break in?xxx The mother replied, xxxnot only today, I'm afraid you suddenly go back to the night and can't go home, so I've never locked the door in the past ten years.xxx her mother has been waiting for her to come back for ten years. The furniture her daughter has set up in her room is just like that night.

When the mother and daughter come back, they look as if they were sleeping with the door locked tightly.










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